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The town encourages organizations to participate in this web site. We want the site to be a local portal for information about Barnes. We are looking for primarily nonprofit, community oriented organizations with a local presence.

If your organization would like to post information about what you are doing, meeting minutes, pictures, etc. or would like to have events or meeting notices placed in the Community Event Calendar please use the link below to provide information for the approval process.

The Town of Barnes reserves the right to accept or reject any request.

This form is to request the use of space on this web site for your organization. Before filling out the form and submitting it this request should be discussed by the organization. The person submitting the form should be either an officer of the organization or the person designated to contact the town concerning information that will be posted on this web site for the organization.

If there are questions the town clerk will try to contact you via the email address provided. Depending on the request there may be a delay before you hear a response from the town clerk.

If you would prefer to print a form and submit to the town clerk click here.



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The notices, agendas, minutes and postings on the Town website are for informational purposes only. They may not be the most current version and therefore are NOT considered the official or legal copy.
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