Emergency Services Resolution


The town board of the Town of Barnes, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, by this resolution, adopted on proper notice with a quorum and by a roll call vote of a majority of the town board present and voting resolves and orders as follows:

Chapter three (3), section 3-2 (c) of the Town of Barnes ordinances shall be amended to read:

Organization.” The ambulance service shall consist of as many emergency medical technicians; first responders; and other medical personnel qualified to staff the ambulance as may be decided by the Ambulance Director, and authorized by the Town Board.  All members must maintain state licenses and approvals or appropriate state certification.  The ambulance service shall organize and create policies and /or rules.  Said rules shall be reviewed and are subject to approval by the Town Board prior to implementation.  The ambulance service shall hold meetings on a monthly basis and training as needed to maintain skills.  An ambulance driver must be a member of the ambulance service or fire department and must have a valid driver’s license on file with the Town Clerk.

The town clerk shall properly post or publish this resolution as required under s. 60.80, Wis. stats.

   Town of Barnes


_________________________________                  ________________________________

Dick Collyard-Town Chairman                                       Christine M. Webb-Town Supervisor


_________________________________                  _________________________________

Dixie Chermack-Town Supervisor                                  Jack Meinke-Town Supervisor



Donna Porter-Town Supervisor


Adopted:  January 17, 2006

Published: __________________                                Posted: ___________________


Attest:____________________________                          Dated:_________________

            Elaine J. Brustad-Town Clerk